Negation Of Self

Negation Of Self


Empathy – The Great Con

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Read that first so you get a more appropriate primer for what follows here.

I’ve read so many times that the wearing of a mask or face covering is not for oneself, but for somebody else. The premise is selfishness and its opposite, empathy. Never mind that these two aren’t opposed but complementary, I’ll address empathy and negation of self specifically and how this is perverted and abused to, namely, signal some non-existent virtue and compel submission.

Empathy works in two directions, at different periods in one’s life. First, it works as observation, from the thing observed to the observer. This is essential to build the model of self in the early years of life (0-4 yrs or just about). Then it’s done as projection, from that fully built model of self to the thing empathized. When a child is empathetic, he’s building his model of self by observing other humans. When an adult is empathetic, he’s projecting his (previously built) model of self unto another human. The specifics aren’t so relevant for our purpose here.

Negation of self usurps empathy in either direction and replaces it with some perverted version of projection to effectively render the self selfless, or more appropriately a weak or non-existent model of self (the self and the model of self are not the same, they are distinct). It’s even more perverted in that the demonstration of empathy has for only goal the reward of this act. This is not altruism, it’s narcissism. This is now what passes for empathy.

Maybe I should explain what the self is at this point. The self is, for lack of a better word, insane. Without memory, without the model of self, without the decision engine and other systems not part of the self proper, the self cannot manifest except in the simplistic and constant act of looking for those other things. The self is always “on”, and can only be turned off or calmed down by finding those other things accordingly. When the self finds memory for example, it lingers for a while, then looks for other things besides what is found there. Same for the other systems, except perhaps the decision engine, where the self could instead become apathetic for lack of some output which would stand as a goal for present and future behavior. Thus, for the self to manifest appropriately (i.e. not insane), it must have a properly built model of self, on top of all the other systems.

That’s where the usurpation occurs, at the model of self. The model of self is built from the obervation of some perverted version of the self, of some weaker version of it, of some less-than-adequate version, of some inept and fearful version. We’ve had several versions of this usurpation over the years and decades. The modern man, l’homme rose, the feminine side of man, metrosexual, and more recently a much more blatant admission of this perverted model of self: Toxic masculinity. It’s not so ironic that I’m talking about man and men here. Indeed, men are the primary actors of violence, the ultimate response to some attempt at submission. I think it’s not for naught that martial combat has become more and more popular, in parallel to this diminution of man in all other ways. Still, women aren’t spared, they too have been diminished in various ways, namely on the aspects of motherhood and homemaker.

It has become virtuous to be weak, powerless, entitled, and rewarded for preaching same to others, especially to those who otherwise abide by a much different set of tenets that instead attempt to elevate the self and make it stronger and self-sufficient. This is the self attempting, in a perverted manner, to project some semblance of empathy.

The real irony occurs when a savior, a strong and self-sufficient father figure offers safe harbor to all those who have built a weak and entitled model of self. But it’s a lie, all a lie, on both sides of the exchange. Neither is he a savior, nor are they virtuous. All are merely liars, thieves and frauds. The savior uses what he is given (or more appropriately, what he has taken) to then give back, but that’s not generosity, it’s theft. It’s the classic Robin Hood complex. The helpless accept readily what is given (back) because they deserve it, they’re entitled to it: They’re weak, powerless, dependent, and oh so empathetic.

From there, The Great Con. The savior now demands submission of the helpless. The helpless readily accept: They’re oh so empathetic to the savior’s plight, which he demonstrates constantly in his speech and presence. In all human hierachies, a superior is so only by consent of the subordinates. This is true here and true of a different hierachy where all are neither saviors nor helpless, but instead men and women who are strong and capable and self-sufficient, and rather than submit, they collaborate to a common goal and for mutual individual benefit (There’s no altruism here, it’s all selfishness of the highest order, yet with consent of all involved). If this doesn’t develop into a solution yet, I’ll put it plainly below.

Without the consent of the subordinates, the superior is no longer so.

Without the consent of the subordinates, the superior is no longer so.

Without the consent of the subordinates, the superior is no longer so.

But there’s still negation of self to deal with first. How? Simple.

Ask: Am I dimished or elevated by my action, as measured by my own observation?

Once you have solved negation of self, you can now retract your consent. But I suspect you won’t need me, or anybody else for that matter, to explain at that point.

Martin Levac 23:32 10/17/2020


Servant Of Two Masters

Servant Of Two Masters

Horacio Arruda, M.D., FRCPC
The National Director of Public Health and Assistant Deputy Minister
Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec

Horacio Arruda, M.D., FRCPC
Chairperson, Global Network for Health in All Policies

Horacio Arruda, M.D., FRCPC
The person most directly responsible for the current and ongoing emergency measures and the recent past, current and ongoing, real, measured and measurable detrimental consequences thereof in the territory of Quebec, Canada.


The emergency measures:

Closures of all non-essential businesses, including restaurants, bars, all types of shops, churches, sports/fitness facilities, public parks and facilities, and the list goes on.

Ceasing of normal medical and other care to the elderly and sick in CHSLDs, abandonment, prohibition to visits by relatives and friends.

Prohibition to autopsy when death recorded as COVID-19.

Mandatory testing for presumed SARS-Cov-2 when entering medical premises, forced when refused.

Quebec wide campaign to encourage massive testing.

Prohibition of effective treatments (hydroxychlodoquine, Zelenko protocol, etc) for presumed viral cause of presumed pandemic.

Mandatory face covering for all, including for children at school, for both the healthy and the sick, for closed public premises such as those businesses above (once they were allowed to reopen subsequently).

Social distance for all, everywhere particularly in closed public places.

Population-wide confinement at home.

Prohibited or limited group gatherings, both inside and outside.

Arbitrary detention and isolation at undisclosed facilities of unnamed persons who do not submit to quarantine orders.

Issuing of tickets for failing to obey the rule-du-jour by local police force.

Shut down of the courts and the national Assembly.


The consequences:

Bankruptcy, unemployment, loss of property, depression, divorce, spouse abuse and violence, suicide, homeless.

Premature deaths of the elderly and sick in CHSLDs, starvation, dehydration, shitting and pissing themselves, and then they die alone, abandoned.

Inability to determine actual cause of death, prevents accountability of persons who ordered emergency measures (i.e. Horacio Arruda, M.D., FRCPC, namely), is in breach of several articles of Loi sur la Santé Publique (s 2.2) and Loi sur la Sécurité Publique (s 2.3) (i.e. the “good faith” provisions).

Inflation of perceived severity of presumed pandemic, such inflated perception subsequently used to maintain and increase emergency measures.

Allows and causes actual disease and symptoms to get worse, allows and causes otherwise preventable deaths.

Fear, resentment, suspicion, hate, division, inability to recognize known persons including one’s own family, child and parents.

Depression, neurosis, cabin fever, suicide, spouse abuse and violence, divorce.

Reduction or outright elimination of social interaction, discussion, intimacy, all otherwise normal social activity, dehumanization.

Massive rights and freedoms violation, namely sections 2, 6(2)(b), 7, 8, 9, 10(b), 12, and 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all persons, nobody is spared.

Division. Those who submit. Those who question, oppose, resist.


GNHiAP financing, see page 30:


Rocco Galati, constitutional lawyer, statement of claim to the superior court of Ontario, via Vaccine Choice Canada’s website, one of the plaintiffs in the claim:

Rocco Galati, Constitutional Rights Centre:


Consequences, some of them, COVIDENCES, Par Appel à la Liberté:

Mario Dumont, “quitte à couper les liens dans la famille”, divider:

Denis Rancourt, research on the detrimental consequences of the emergency measures:

Denis Rancourt’s website:


Hydroxychloroquine, Zelenko protocol:

Collège Des Médecins Du Quebec:

Studies on efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in treatment of COVID-19:


Considering the detrimental consequences, considering the dual allegiance of Horacio Arruda, M.D., FRCPC, considering the stipulated goals of the laws and the GNHiAP, therefore one of those allegiances is fraudulent, therefore all those stipulated goals are fraudulent.

Horacio Arruda, M.D., FRCPC
Servant of Two Masters



Martin Levac 06:18 10/13/2020


Divide And Control

Divide And Control


We’re being divided. Those who submit. Those who question, oppose, resist.


The presumed pandemic is a diversion. It’s meant to occupy all our thoughts, perceptions and discussions while the true goal is being worked behind the curtain. Once it’s ready, if we allow it, it comes forth. And once that happens, there’s only one way out of that.

Over a decade ago I made a decision. The most difficult decision I’ve ever made. I made this decision in a different context and for a different purpose. I make it again for this purpose now.

Do nothing and then die.
Do something and then die.

I choose the latter.



I’ve been questioning early once I figured out it was more detrimental than the harm it was meant to cure. Then I decided it’s a scam. Now, every time I see anything about the presumed pandemic, I tell myself “this is a diversion”. From now on, I look for Cui Bono, nothing else.

Do you benefit from mandatory mask? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from mandatory mask for your children? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from mandatory social distance? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from world-wide business closures? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from tickets for not obeying the rule-du-jour? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from mandatory mask in restaurants? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from the obligation to demand, and give, your personal information to restaurants? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from the closures of all group premises and activities? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from mandatory vaccine, for you and your children? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from tracking apps on your phone? But somebody does.
Do you benefit from massive rights and freedoms violations and abrogations? But somebody does.

Cui Bono?

Yes, that’s an important question. I have yet to figure that out. There’s another question I have figured out. What is benefitted from?

From our submission.

Do nothing and then die.
Do something and then die.

Choose wisely.

Martin Levac 03:21 10/13/2020


What Man In His Right Mind?

What Man In His Right Mind…

…will participate in an endeavor which purpose is to the detriment of this man’s and his family’s self-preservation?

Freedom of expression. Freedom of association. Freedom of assembly.

Mandatory face covering. Mandatory minimum social distance. Prohibited assembly.

Man is a social creature. To destroy social is to destroy man.

Martin Levac

Cui Bono?

Cui Bono?

Criminal Code Canada Conspiracy

Using the tort of civil conspiracy

Persons conspired to cause harm, both of a criminal and a civil nature, to other persons in the following manner.

Caused the elderly in the CHSLD to die prematurely through, namely, abandonment, ceasing of normal medical treatments, ceasing of other normal care, enforced isolation, prohibition to visits by anyone other than medical staff.

Caused business owners, operators and employees to, namely, lose their business, go bankrupt, lose their job, lose their income, lose their property through subsequent non-payment and seizure, lose their home or rent and become homeless.

Caused persons to become depressed, to develop psychological disorders, to become more antagonistic, to suicide, to lose their intimate relationship.

Caused persons to become sick, to develop health disorders related to the wearing of face covering, such as skin rash, self-infection, to perform physical and athletic endeavors less well than otherwise, and in few instances to die.

Caused persons to develop and exercise social skills less well or not at all due to inability to communicate non-verbally due to constant and continuous wearing of face covering, to not recognize otherwise known persons due to the wearing of face covering which hides one’s face.

Caused persons to become fearful of each other through a form of torture now known as social distance, and to become suspicious and resentful and hateful of persons who refuse to submit to the same rule.

Caused persons to divide and become divided, to create two camps, those who submit, those who question.

None of the above is good by any sense of the word.

Who benefits?

Martin Levac 05:14 10/2/2020


The World Is What We Make Of It

-Traduisez, svp. Translate, please.-

The World Is What We Make Of It

For reference:

The topic of this post is the current presumed pandemic and the real emergency measures.

There’s no doubt at this time, after several months of insane decisions and plans and executive orders and our individual and collective responses to it all, that all of it was planned. It’s the world as what we make of it. Question is, who and to what end? For our purpose, the question of who isn’t strictly important, it’s much more important, but more appropriately much more practical to understand the question of to what end. It so happens the answer is right here in front of us, in plain sight, just by looking at the effects.

This world, now, is what somebody else makes of it. We’re just following somebody else’s prediction, somebody else’s plan. Who? Doesn’t matter. Merely knowing we’re not the ones planning it is enough to counter their plan and make our own.

First observed effect: Division.

We’re being divided through closures of businesses where we can no longer associate for the purpose of trade. We’re being divided through confinement and isolation where we can no longer visit relatives, family, friends, neighbours and even strangers. We’re being divided through social distance where we can no longer get close together and be intimate with each other. We’re being divided through mandatory face covering where we’re hiding our face and no longer able to recognize our family, friends, neighbours and strangers, at a glance. We’re being divided by the insane recommentation for mothers to stay at least 6 feet from their own baby, which they gave birth to, one of the most intimate act by a human toward another human. We’re being divided with mandatory face covering and social distance on our children at school where they can no longer just be kids who will otherwise break all social protocols normally and naturally, if only for the purpose of discovering and developing those social protocols on their own, the hard way, the best way, as the rest of us adults have done since the beginning of time.

We’re being divided where we’re either in one camp who follows the official word, or one camp who questions the official word.

We’re being divided. That’s the world that’s being made now.

The only response to counter that observed effect: Unity.

Unite against division. It’s almost absurd when we say it like that because it’s so obvious but that’s the only way it’s done. So, how do we do that? Rule of thumb:

Family First

Do you know what a promise is? It’s a prediction of the future. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s the world as we make it. It’s how the brain works, how it manifests, as per the reference at the top of this post.

I, Martin Levac, hereby promise to stand by my family against division.

I, Martin Levac, hereby promise to stand by my friends against division.

I, Martin Levac, hereby promise to stand by my neighbours against division.

I, Martin Levac, hereby promise to stand by strangers against division.

I, Martin Levac, hereby promise to stand against division.

This is my prayer:

Martin Levac 10:24 9/24/2020


Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The brain and how it works, but more appropriately for the purpose of this post, how it manifests.

The two sides. Prediction, practice.

With study and practice, we develop, improve and maintain skill. This is the basis for everything we do. This is a function of how the brain manifests. We don’t know what to do until we learn it, with the exception of a few basic instincts, yet these instincts can also be developed, improved and maintained, and even re-written to manifest differently through study and practice. Besides those instincts, the ability to learn is the only inherent skill we have.

We predict events. We kinda have no choice here, the brain can’t really react so quickly. If I’m not mistaken, the quickest reaction time is around 60ms and that’s elite athletes. But more to the point, this is the best anybody can do when we know exactly what to do and what the trigger signal (i.e. a bell or gunshot or whatever) is in advance, and it’s for a single action and only the first action. And this quick reaction is achieved through extensive study and practice of this single action.

Now let’s go out into the world and imagine we don’t know anything. There’s a thousand different trigger signals, each one must be analyzed, then a choice must be made for each one accordingly. This goes on continuously, every second, minute, etc, all the time. If we can’t learn and if we can’t predict, we’re gonna bump into everything all the time. We’re simply not quick enough to handle everything that happens, the moment it happens.

The ability to learn is special in that it requires focus. So, the ability to learn is a priori the ability to focus on one thing and ignore the rest, at least until we’ve become sufficiently proficient with that one thing. This is to say that learning something complex is problematic, and focus is the solution the brain came up with. So, we’re talking basic filters that make the rest of the world quiet so we can focus on what we’re learning. For example, is there an immediate danger? If not, then we can learn. If there is an immediate danger, the instinct to survive takes over, it becomes the focus. Yet here we can develop specific filters for that immediate danger or whatever bothers us so that it doesn’t take over, so we can focus on what we want. The ability to learn is indeed powerful.

It’s even more powerful in that it’s the ability to predict. This is how we catch a ball in mid-air and run to the goal line, and basically do everything. Our actions aren’t the result of instant response. Instead they are the result of prediction. We predict that flexing these muscles in this way, we manipulate this object so that we chop this piece of wood and not our own foot. This prediction is the result of study and practice.

The act of study and practice is to establish a correlation between the actions we take and the observations we make of the results of these actions. It’s a variation of causality. Formal causality is a matter of fact, i.e. things happen the way they do. Instead, here we establish a prediction of causality. Our senses feed back into our actions to refine them to a point where we predict that taking this or that action in this or that way will produce a desired effect.

The study of the observations of our actions, which is required to refine these actions, takes much longer than the execution of the actions. This means it’s impossible to rely on on-the-fly observation, analysis and correction to perform the actions to produce the desired effect. Never mind relying on any kind of knee-jerk reaction, which is completely uncontrollable. Take the golf swing for example. It’s a very complex motion with an extremely small margin of error considering that a tiny error when striking the ball sends it dozens of yards off-target in the rough, behind a tree, in a sand trap, in the lake, etc. So even though our senses feed back into our actions, this feedback goes through study before we refine our actions based on the result of this analysis.

Prediction isn’t just related to the effect, it’s also a function of the action. We predict which action to take, as well as predict which effect a particular action will produce. Let’s stick with the golf swing to illustrate. With each stroke, we accumulate data points. Each data point correlates action and effect. With each new data point, we refine our prediction of the action, and the correlation between the action and the desired effect. The greater the number of data points, the greater our accuracy in predicting which action to take, and the greater our accuracy in predicting which effect will be produced by a particular action. But more appropriately, the golf swing is a very complex motion consisting of many small actions, each of which leads to another action, and so forth, and each small action takes a tiny amount of time to execute, requiring that we predict taking each one of those small actions in the correct way and sequence, and that we predict which effect will be produced by each of them in turn. The point here is that everything we do, regardless of how simple or easy it looks to do, is very complex motions consisting of many small actions. There’s nothing simple about walking.

So basically the brain manifests by prediction rather than by reaction, and we learn to predict rather than to react.

Martin Levac copyright 07:26 4/5/2018


Lettre aux Députés à l’Assemblée Nationale du Québec – Désaveu de la Déclaration d’État d’Urgence Sanitaire et Tout Renouvellement

Traduire en Anglais au besoin. Translate in English as needed.


Faites circuler, envoyez par courriel ou par la poste ou même les deux.

Site de l’Assemblée nationale, liste des députés:

Je cherche un programme qui permet de faire une liste courriel à partir de cette page ci-haut pour rendre le processus plus rapide (125 adresses, c’est long longtemps mets en). Autrement, si t’est patient, 15 minutes environ pour faire une liste copier-coller. Attention, votre serveur de courriel peut ne pas accepter un nombre de récipents de 125.

Loi sur la Santé Publique, voir articles 118, 119 et 122:

Envoyez à tous les députés. Envoyez aussi à tout autre organisme pertinent comme l’école de vos enfant ou votre médecin ou votre journaliste préféré. Faites-en une pétition officielle auprès de l’Assemblée nationale. Envoyez à tous partout au Canada et dans le monde pour but de visibilité et solidarité et d’example. Affichez sur votre page de média sociaux, sur votre blog, sur votre site, sur votre porte et vitrine de commerce, sur votre poste de travail, sur votre réfrigérateur, sur votre auto, sur votre chandail, sur votre sauvegarde d’écran, partout où la Loi le permet et sans faire de dégât, merci.

=====Début de la lettre

17 Septembre 2020

Aux députés à l’Assemblée nationale du Québec

CONSIDÉRANT LA déclaration d’état d’urgence sanitaire et tout renouvellement, LA juste cause de menace grave à la santé de la population, réelle ou imminente, LES effets, réels et mesurés, de la-dite déclaration,

CONSIDÉRANT QUE la juste cause de menace grave à la santé de la population, réelle ou imminente, pour laquelle l’article 118 de la Loi sur la Santé Publique autorise au gouvernement de déclarer l’état d’urgence sanitaire, et pour laquelle l’article 119 de la même Loi autorise le gouvernement de renouveler la-dite déclaration, n’existe plus,

CONSIDÉRANT QUE les effets, réels et mesurés, de la déclaration d’état d’urgence sanitaire et tout renouvellement constituaient un mal justifié pour pallier à la juste cause de menace grave à la santé de la population, réelle ou imminente,

CONSIDÉRANT QUE ces même effets, réels et mesurables, de la déclaration d’état d’urgence sanitaire et tout renouvellement constituent maintenant un mal non justifié qui perdure,

CONSIDÉRANT QUE l’article 122 de la Loi sur la Santé Publique autorise l’Assemblée nationale à désavouer par un vote la déclaration d’état d’urgence sanitaire et tout renouvellement,

JE DEMANDE aux députés à l’Assemblée nationale du Québec de voter le désaveu de la déclaration d’état d’urgence sanitaire et tout renouvellement, en vertu de l’article 122 de la Loi sur la Santé Publique, et ce dans les plus brefs délais.


Pour envoi aux députés seulement:

Signature (version papier)


=====Fin de la lettre


Martin Levac


Rallies (Plural) For Freedom

Rallies (Plural) For Freedom

Do not mistaken one rally for the only rally. Do not mistaken the persons in that rally as the only persons there.

In Montréal on September 12th, we were an estimated 40k+ at one rally for freedom and opposition to emergency measures. In Edmonton, the rally there, from the only short clip I’ve seen of it, I can’t make an accurate estimate, but the crowd was probably between a thousand and a few thousands (correct me please if you were there that day). In other cities around the world, other rallies took place the same day.

This is not one rally per city. It’s one rally per world. Every one of those rallies were, and continue to be, for a single purpose: Freedom and opposition to emergency measures. So far as I’m aware, if we decide to look at rallies as one per city, the biggest was in Berlin a short while back with an estimated 3 million persons at the same place on that day. 3 million. Impressive, granted, but that’s nothing compared to the total number of persons rallying all over the world, in all cities, each day and every day. This isn’t just one rally in one city. It’s one rally on one planet for one reason.

On planet Earth on September 12th 2020, we were there, and we were millions.

Martin Levac copyright 15:22 9/13/2020