We Are Afraid

Of COVID? We’re not.

In fact, the most common reasons given to get the jab is “travel, work, shopping, not be shunned”. The most common reasons given to wear a mask is “I’m a good person, I’m not selfish, I’m not a grandma killer”. The most common reason given for vaccine passport is “I don’t want to be a second class citizen”. Where’s the virus in all that? Nowhere to be found. In fact, the virus has become a distant second to all of it. Now we’re just worried about our job, as many are threatened with being fired for not getting the jab. The virus, the pandemic, the cases and the deaths, has become a droning background environment for the rest, as if there was still a need for it but only insofar to make the rest make sense. If the virus, the pandemic, the cases and the deaths, went away, there would be no rationale for anything we do to that end. It would be pure insanity, and we’re acutely aware of that. This makes us not afraid of the virus, it makes us afraid that the virus disappears.

Dread washes over us as we contemplate the moment the virus and the pandemic and the cases and the deaths all goes away for good. As we contemplate our life after the virus. As we contemplate a return to the mundane. We dread the mundane. We have no raison d’être in there. The virus, the pandemic, the cases and the deaths, that is our raison d’être. Without that, our life is meaningless. Bullshit jobs. No purpose, no higher purpose. No goal, no plan, no dream.

Well, let me tell you about the other side of that story. Many of us, many had a goal, a plan, a dream. We were working toward it, for it, putting in the time and the effort. For some it was the mundane “clean your room”, while for others it was the grandiose “repair this broken world”, and for everybody in-between it was a meaningful worthwhile endeavor. Get a degree, get a job, fix the house, build a house, fix the roads and build them, work the land and feed the chickens, run a grocery shop, a restaurant, a movie theater and an iceskating rink, fix people and heal them and treat them and cure them and make them well, drive a truck and transport goods to and fro from where it’s made to where it’s needed, drive a bus and carry people to where they need to go, assemble and speak of all things important and mundane, plead to shops and food makers to give generously and then give this food to the hungry and the destitute, preach and worship as we dress our best and behave our best and in these rites and rituals and ceremonies strengthen our group, celebrate the birth and mourn the death, go to the pub and meet our friends and neighbours and strangers alike, as we hold a vigil a wake for one of ours, a father perhaps a mother, one of our own, go to the park and play, have a picnic, catch a fish and hunt game, restore an old car and customize a new one just the way we want it, fix shoes and make shoes, fix suits and make suits and pants and fit them, paint a landscape and shape the clay into a face or a frog.

All of these plans, shot to hell, thrown away, destroyed and dismissed as unimportant, as meaningless, as worthless in the face of a virus, of a pandemic, all in the name of the greater good. All of our plans, all of our goals, all of our dreams have been declared non grata sine die.

I reject. I refuse. I oppose.

Every one of our plans, every one of our goals, every one of our dreams is important to somebody.

That is the other side of that story.

Martin Levac 19:27 10/1/2021

The Greater Good

The Greater Good

Is defined by this paper: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-393X/9/7/693

“For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.”

The greater good is thus that some must die so that others live. Who dies, we don’t know. Who lives, we don’t know. We only know how many.

Furthermore, the greater good is a choice between two goods, where the greater of the two is preferred. Since the good is defined as how many live, the more that live is better, the most that live is greater. And since for those that live the cost is some must die, the greater good is thus the greater must die so the greater live.

That is why you get the jab. You get the jab so that you have a chance to be one of the three that live. That is why you tell others to get the jab. You tell others to get the jab so that you have a chance to be one of the three that live.

And you get the jab knowing full well that you also have a chance to be one of the two that must die. And you tell others to get the jab knowing full well that others you tell also have a chance to be one of the two that must die.

That is why you get the jab.

That is why you get the jab.

That is why you get the jab.

Martin Levac 11:48 6/28/2021

A Day Of Infamy

A Day Of Infamy

Today, June 11th 2021, RCMP officers arrested political candidate Maxime Bernier. The offense: Attending a gathering.

Today, June 11th 2021, via Global Affairs Canada, the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement:


Copied in full below.

Canada condemns arrest of political candidates and civil society leaders in Nicaragua

From: Global Affairs Canada


June 11, 2021 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today issued the following statement:

“Canada joins the Organization of American States, the United Nations, international human rights bodies and members of the international community in condemning the arbitrary arrest of political candidates in Nicaragua. The Government of Nicaragua has failed to implement meaningful electoral reforms that are desperately needed and is now further eroding the democratic process with these arbitrary detentions.

“We stand with the Nicaraguan people in their aspirations for a more just and democratic future, which includes a fundamental respect for human rights, media freedom, and the opportunity to make their own democratic choices in free, fair and transparent elections.

“The Government of Nicaragua needs to guarantee the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all its people in accordance with international law and its own constitution. International human rights bodies must be allowed to return immediately to the country to monitor the situation and ensure the government is fulfilling these crucial responsibilities.

“Canada calls for the immediate release of the arbitrarily arrested, imprisoned or detained political candidates, as well as the release of all political prisoners, and an end to the arrest and harassment of the independent media and civil society actors. We remain in close contact with our international partners.

“Canadians in Nicaragua should regularly check our Travel Advice and Advisories page, monitor local news reports and follow the advice of local authorities.

“At any time, Canadians requiring emergency consular assistance can contact the Embassy of Canada to Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua in San José, Costa Rica at +506 2242-4400 or Global Affairs Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa by calling +1 613 996 8885 collect or by sending an email message to sos@international.gc.ca.”


Syrine Khoury
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Media Relations Office
Global Affairs Canada
Follow us on Twitter: @CanadaFP
Like us on Facebook: Canada’s foreign policy – Global Affairs Canada

Archived here and elsewhere:


Since March 2020, in Canada, several independent media members and civil society actors (along with regular citizens) were, and continue to be, harrassed and imprisoned arbitrarily, their rights and freedoms violated. The offense: Opposition to the restrictions and violations of freedoms and rights, attending gathering, operating a business, shopping, walking on the sidewalk, reporting current events, gathering in a private domicile, breathing, intimacy, social interaction, staying fit, picnic, laying on the beach, playing, speaking, teaching, treating patients, playing hockey, traveling, worshipping, preaching, archery, feeding the poor, meditation, attending school, eating a donut and drinking coffee in one’s own car, ordering a donut and coffee in a shop at the counter, skateboarding, sitting on a bench, standing on the sidewalk, recording a public event, renting and staying in a hotel room, going home from school, going to work from home, and other manners of otherwise normal acts.

Maxime Bernier has been, and continues to be, a vocal opponent to the on-going restrictions, imposed on the pretense that they are intended to counter the presumed pandemic. In Quebec, the state of emergency has been renewed every 10 days, to date, 61 times since March 2020. It’s similar in other provinces in Canada.

Two weeks to flatten the curve. This is where we started.

Arrest political candidate. This is where we are.

??? This is where we’re going.

Choose wisely.

Martin Levac 00:11 6/12/2021

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law

Those who can neither do nor teach, get hired by the government to regulate, enforce regulations and fine those who do and teach “wrong”.

Regulations do not promote competence. On the contrary, it rewards incompetence by creating a job for those who can neither do nor teach. This is especially true for safety regulations, where safety isn’t a function of regulations, but of competence.

In a dangerous job, do we need more severe regulations? No. We need greater competence.

Name one dangerous job.

This idea came to me as I thought of a story told to me by my favorite butcher. He got fined tens of thousands for regulations violations concerning his equipment (no big giant red “EMERGENCY OFF” button). It wasn’t enough that he had to conform to the regulations (which he did), he also had to pay the hefty fines (which he did). Then I’m reminded of a personal experience with that same equipment when I worked somewhere somewhen. I cut myself with it, seriously enough that I got stitches on a finger. I still got the scar, I still can’t feel anything on a spot on that finger. But I promise you, between tens of thousands in fines, and a cut on a finger, I’ll take the cut any day of the week. I became competent, real quick like.

Then you gotta ask. Why did I even cut myself in the first place? Couldn’t I have been taught not to? Indeed. This is where a very old teaching method comes to mind. Master – apprentice. That favorite butcher of mine, that’s precisely how new butchers get made. There’s the master, there’s the apprentice. But the somewhere somewhen I worked, no such method. It was “here’s this, here’s that, be quick about it, customers are waiting”. Oh granted, you sorta kinda gotta be a special kind of stupid to cut your hand, with your own knife (wasn’t a knife, but you get the idea), which you’re holding in your other hand. And I was. For a time, a very short time, seconds. It’s those precious seconds of special stupid that get caught in the old method of master and apprentice. Regulations don’t do shit for that. On the contrary, the danger is allowed to persist behind a cover of bureaucracy, as if the threat of a fine was sufficient knowledge to prevent cutting my own finger. It’s not, never was, never will be, quit the bullshit.

Regulations or competence.

Choose wisely.

Martin Levac 12:02 6/5/2021

Fundamental Flip

Fundamental Flip

See this, on the point about the evidence presented to inculpate (section 2-4 PM, video of church congregation for worship, i.e. “illegal gathering”): https://www.rebelnews.com/pastor_artur_pawlowski_may_26_2021_contempt_of_court

Sheila Gunn Reid was reporting live from the court.

See this, where it says that such “illegal gathering” is a fundamental freedom (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, s2(a,b,c,d)): https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/PDF/CONST_TRD.pdf

Now see above again (article 1), where it says that these rights and freedoms are guaranteed “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

Evidence of the exercise of fundamental freedoms were presented (by the prosecution) to inculpate. As if this evidence was sufficient to do that. It’s not. Unless the claim is that these rights and freedoms are not in fact guaranteed, but they are now rendered illegal in toto, such that the “limits prescribed by law” are not reasonable, but absolute. Furthermore, it puts the burden of proof unto the defendant, thereby (attempting to) freeing the prosecution from its obligation according to the last part of article 1 “demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”. This burden is shifted (or attempted) by way of not presenting evidence that the exercise of such rights and freedoms, in this specific case, causes harm of some form (physical, moral, psychological, violates rights and freedoms of some other person, etc), and where such harm is expressly prohibited by law (i.e. “reasonable limits prescribed by law”).

In effect, this is an attempt to flip the fundamental freedoms and turn them into privileges, to then be given only if the accused abides, complies, conforms and ultimately submits to whatever obligations are imposed unto him. Furthermore, the obligations themselves are of the very nature of the privileges, whereby one must comply with a restriction of those privileges, in order to obtain the privileges.

Read that again.

One must comply with the restrictions of privileges, in order to obtain the privileges.

Read that again.

Rights and freedoms are flipped, turned into privileges, to then be given only if the accused complies with the restrictions of those privileges, in order to obtain the privileges.

Read that again.

Reasonable limits prescribed by law are no longer such, they are now absolute.

Read that again.

Evidence of the exercise of rights and freedoms (yet lacking any evidence of harm) is now sufficient to inculpate.

Obviously, that’s not how it works. Yet. But now it’s clear that’s what the prosecution wants.

To the prosecution: Gotcha!

To the prosecution: Fuck you.

Martin Levac 23:21 6/2/2021

False Dichotomy

False Dichotomy

Is a choice between two options, where one option is clearly superior and the other is clearly inferior, and where there are more than two options but all other options are omitted, for the purpose of forcing one of the two options presented to be chosen, for the benefit of the presenter, not for the chooser.

Once this has become the standard form of choice, something weird happens. We now see real choices to be fallacious by virtue of having multiple options, many nuances, and a hard time making up our mind. From there, we may then project an accusation of false dichotomy unto this real choice when presented, and believe it.

In fact, as a direct function of the problem of observation, for any choice, there’s an infinite number of possible options, not merely the few we’re aware of, let alone the two presented in a common false dichotomy. And in fact, the brain normally settles on only a few (but still more than just two, most often) valid options according to various factors, but primarily according to causality (to what we do with the thing chosen). This is the primary means with false dichotomy, otherwise the choice is almost immediately recognized as fallacious, even by one who expects and wishes for a common false dichotomy. It also contributes to the belief with the projection-accusation.

The problem of observation: https://wannagitmyball.wordpress.com/2020/07/16/the-problem-of-observation/

Martin Levac 00:02 5/24/2021



Is not a currency. It’s a ponzi scheme. It’s a scam.

I mine crypto-currency with a mining farm, for the sole purpose of obtaining crypto-currency, which I then sell in exchange for dollars, in a transaction which I mine with a mining farm, for the sole purpose of obtaining crypto-currency, which I then sell in exchange for dollars, in a transaction which I mine with a mining farm, for the sole purpose of obtaining crypto-currency, which I then sell in exchange for dollars, in a transaction which I mine with a mining farm…

Ad nauseam.


Martin Levac 01:52 5/13/2021

Herd Immunity?

Herd Immunity?

Does not exist.

It was invented to explain something nobody understood (in statistical analysis of epidemics and pandemics). And, to serve as argument (among several) in favor of mass vaccination. The logic is as follows. During an epidemic, a threshold is reached where those who have recovered form a shield protecting those outside this area. There’s one obvious problem when it’s used to promote mass vaccination. If a threshold is reached, then mass vaccination is not required, only a few need be vaccinated (the shield nucleus), and this opposes the very idea of mass vaccination. Yet, herd immunity is an argument used to promote mass vaccination.

There is something which exists: Cross-immunity.

I used to think that when I got infected and recovered, I’d have developed immunity to what infected me. This would be called specific immunity. I now think that there’s no such thing as specific immunity. If there was, I’d be continously sick from the variants created in my own body from the initial infection (and from the variants thereof, and so forth ad nauseam). So, the only kind of immunity is cross-immunity. This explains an apparent paradox I outline below.

In tightly knit groups, such as 7th Day Adventists, members of this group benefit healthwise in various metrics, i.e. longevity, rates of diseases, etc. Conversely, these same tightly knit groups see a higher rate of (viral) variants. How is that possible? Cross-immunity.

Martin Levac 20:24 4/13/2021